We seek to enhance the built environment by using intelligent design to create innovative structures. We work in close partnership with architects and clients to devise integrated solutions that produce compelling results.


We are dedicated to the construction of high-quality buildings. As engineers, our aim is to support your design vision and help you realize a matchless structure – from concept through to completion. Our practice is characterized by holistic thinking and total commitment. Our teams will impress you with their expertise and inspire you with their passion.



An interdisciplinary, problem-solving approach stands at the core of our working process. In a collaborative partnership involving architects, specialist planners and clients we use our knowledge and experience to provide tailored technical solutions that deliver optimum cost efficiency and use of materials. We believe that creative collaboration between various disciplines is the key to a successfully engineered project.



In the context of global warming, social and environmental issues have taken on a new significance. Sustainability is our guiding principle in the design and construction of civil-engineering structures, from conception to realization.

Intelligent structures make efficient use of energy and resources. Sustainable structural engineering relies on the use of materials with a low carbon footprint and optimized structures that use resources responsibly. Other favored approaches include the conversion of existing buildings, the reuse of materials and the promotion of circular economy models.

Well-designed structures can last over several lifecycles and make a significant contribution to our built environment. As well as making good environmental sense, sustainable construction is both economically and socially responsible.



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Trailer “Die Ingenieure - Ein Porträt des Büros Schnetzer Puskas”
A Film by Paolo Poloni & Ueli Nüesch, © 2013


Link to the complete film (German, 35 Min)